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  • At BITTE KAI RAND, we test all our fabrics and yarn qualities. We do this to ensure that clothes meet our high-quality standards and to ensure the durability of the clothes. Our goal is to guide our customers on how to care for their clothes.
  • For the best care of your clothes, you should follow our washing instructions, which you generally find in the left-side seam.
  • Only wash your clothing when it has become dirty, thereby extending the life of the garment and reducing your water consumption.
  • Wool has a self-cleaning ability and aired ventilation is the perfect alternative to washing.
  • We recommend ironing Viscose-material garments after wash to achieve the same softness as before wash.
  • Wash your clothes inside out to prolong colour fastening and reduce tear of clothes.
  • Preferably use a washing bag to protect delicate materials.
  • We suggest using a special washing bag that reduces the emission of micro plastics in our water when washing polyester and nylon products.
  • Extend the life of your clothes and protect the environment by hang-drying your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer.
  • In general, knit should be dried flat, otherwise, you will risk it will get out of shape and size.
  • Cotton knits, though, may be tumble dried to achieve the same softness and volume as before washing.
  • If your clothing is no longer usable check if your local Waste Sorting Centre has a textile sorting system meant for recycling of clothes.
  • BITTE KAI RAND clothes are made by people for people, and we do hope you will take care of your clothes according to our instructions.